Michael Kinnamon, author Summer of Love and Evil

"Working with Caleb has been a pleasure in every possible way. He has an unerring sense both for the superfluous in a sentence and for the larger structure of a novel, while always keeping the author's voice front and center. We've been through several passes with Tatiana's Wedding, and with each one, narrative arcs have been tightened, voices have been clarified, and sentences have been snapped into shape. Caleb is a patient and dedicated curator and editor of his fine collection of fiction, treating each work like a jewel to be meticulously cut and polished before presenting to the world."          

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"From my first encounter with Caleb Mason, I was drawn to his vision of a small press publishing literary fiction in the new world of ebooks and by his tenacity in realizing this vision. As an editor, I found him equally enthusiastic toward my own novel, Dancing in the Kitchen. He understood and respected my intentions for the novel, and by giving me time and the benefit of his own insights, helped me explore my characters and their dilemmas more deeply."       

Susan Sterling, author Dancing in the Kitchen

Cynthia A. Robinson, author Tatiana's Wedding

John Flynn, author Dreaming Rodin

"I have been so fortunate to have Caleb Mason working with me as my editor and publisher. He is a consummate professional. He pays attention to detail, is patient and guided by standards of integrity and precise editing that are becoming harder and harder to find. Never has the work we've shared been about his personal gain. It has always been about what's best for the book I've written, my long-term career, and the integrity of his press, Publerati. Added to this, he's developed Publerati as a press that seeks to increase literacy around the globe. I am honored to be part of the good work that he is doing."               
"Working with Caleb Mason at Publerati has been a delight. The editing process was thorough, professional, and unhurried, taking as long as needed to prepare my novel for publication. Caleb offered helpful, insightful suggestions, while honoring my vision and style. And he has been aggressive is getting the book in front of reviewers and potential readers. Beyond all that, I appreciate Publerati’s mission of publishing literary fiction, even if a book isn’t “trendy,” and am very pleased to be associated with a publisher that supports global literacy."



Publerati was founded in 2011 by Caleb Mason, who serves as Publisher. The company operates its own imprint for fiction and also represents novelists.

Publerati was founded to help works of literary fiction continue to find their way to readers, as large publisher consolidation results in fewer options for writers.  Publerati provides authors with both paperback and ebook distribution through new and traditional bookselling channels. 

Caleb has a diverse background spanning the book and technology industries and has been instrumental in launching new groundbreaking businesses and products within the book publishing, digital photography, and software and consumer electronics industries.

His book industry experience includes managing bookstores; working in the Trade Division editorial department of Little, Brown and Company; serving as Vice President and Associate Publisher of Salem House Publishers (sold and merged into HarperCollins), and providing editing, agenting, and contract negotiation services.