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When you purchase any of our ebooks or print-on-demand paperback editions, we donate no less than 15% of our publisher proceeds to help Worldreader spread literacy. Please take a moment to watch these videos below to see the great work they are doing. Thank you.

  • Writers deserve to be paid well for their difficult work

  • Publerati pays our authors first, then literacy charities, then ourselves, by maintaining low overheads

  • Access to high-quality books should cross all socio-economic and cultural boundaries

  • Reading is oftentimes best done digitally first, with the books we want to own long-term printed using new on-demand machines

  • ​Ebooks offer new excitement and hope for reading expansion across the globe, especially in remote areas where it is difficult and expensive to ship printed books.

Core Beliefs

Publerati promotes increased access to high-quality fiction through the publication of unique works as reasonably priced ebooks and print-on-demand paperbacks. Furthermore, we donate no less than 15% of our publisher's share to literacy charities working to increase access to ebooks, contributing to a  lifelong love of reading, writing, and empathy among all peoples.

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Our Purpose