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FictionMD is a new service for writers of fiction who want to receive an in-depth critique of their works in process before submitting to agents or publishers.

Through the Publerati submissions process, we see the need for  writers to receive practical information involving common developmental concerns, such as what's missing, what should be removed, and the larger "book doctor" problems that  prevent writers from being considered by agents and publishers.

This service is provided by Caleb Mason, who is the publisher of Publerati.  His passion is analyzing and understanding how novels work, and after three decades as a publisher, writer, and editor, he would like to offer what he has learned to others in the spirit of kaizen, or continuous improvement. ​

To have your work considered for the FictionMD program, please email the first fifty pages of your manuscript as a Word attachment to Caleb Mason at Please mark the subject line with "FictionMD Submission."  If accepted, you will hear via return email within two weeks of your email. Thanks and good luck.

Caleb Mason began his publishing career at Little, Brown and Company working in the adult trade division.  He moved on to co-found Salem House Publishers, which was eventually acquired by News Corp. He is the author of the Normal Family Trilogy under the pen name Don Trowden, as well as the non-fiction book The Isles of Shoals Remembered. He is an avid reader of fiction and has studied the art form for more than thirty years.  You can read author testimonials here.



About Your Editor

What You Get and What it Costs

This program is selective, which means before your work will be accepted for the critique by Mr. Mason, you need to submit the first fifty pages of your work as a Microsoft Word attachment.  If accepted, the price to critique the fifty pages is $250.  Your deliverable will consist of a reader's report, similar to what large publishers use when considering a work that has potential. 

This reader's report will highlight what you are doing well and what needs improvement. This may include some actual line-editing tracked changes within the work, as well as pointing out style and punctuation inconsistencies. It typically will include thoughts about character development, engaging the reader early on, and issues with the pacing of the work. Additionally, concerns with how the story is being told, the narrative voice, and where plot and character tensions may need adjustments.

If you are accepted, you will be asked to pay $250 via PayPal or a written check to receive your reader's report. The report will be delivered within 30 days of payment receipt. There are no refunds given the subjective nature of the work being performed and the time it typically takes for many writers to allow the feedback to soak in.  This service is being offered because publishers only offer form rejections without helping promising authors to improve their work. We would like to help rectify that problem for promising writers.